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Intersoft ISDataSource for ASP.NET

The original hierarchical datasource control for ASP.NET

The introduction of a data source control in ASP.NET 2.0 left one critical need unfulfilled ¡V without the ability to support multiple tables, it could not meet the needs of hierarchical data retrieval presented by sophisticated controls such Intersoft¡¦s WebGrid and WebTreeView. To overcome this limitation, Intersoft has pioneered its own data source control: ISDataSource.

Encapsulate multiple tables or objects into a single control
In addition to powering Intersoft¡¦s hierarchical data retrieval, support for multiple tables in ISDataSource translates into easier organization and less work. By binding tables in one ISDataSource instance, you can change settings either for a single table, or all tables, greatly reducing both coding and debugging time.

Exclusive support for advanced Intersoft databound controls
The multiple table support of ISDataSource is used extensively in both WebGrid and WebScheduler. Both Intersoft products rely heavily on multiple table support to extend their features. Optimized to support their specific needs, ISDataSource connects perfectly to Intersoft databound controls such as WebCombo, WebGrid, and WebScheduler.

Custom objects, generic collections, and third party ORM support
Simplify operations by creating a single composite object to be passed to the Update, Insert and Delete methods. Automatically bind generic collections to .NET controls through an ISDataSource control. Enjoy the extra time on your hands with rapid development time.

Supports standard ASP.NET databound server controls
ISDataSource not only supports Intersoft data bound controls, but also extends its power and flexibility to standard ASP.NET databound server controls, such as GridView and FormView. The process of binding to the ASP.NET server controls is just as simple as it is when using the standard .NET data source control.

Superior Data Caching
ISDataSource's advanced caching mechanism boosts performance by using locally cached data instead of retrieving it from the server. You enjoy granular control over the extent of caching though settings which affect cache data duration, expiration, and granularity.

Wizard-style configuration window
Organized into separate sections to define Schemas, Methods/Tables, and Parameters, this simple yet powerful tool can make setting up multiple tables for use with an ISDataSource a breeze. In just a few clicks, you can create all the required definitions directly from the table schemas and be ready to attach your favorite Intersoft component.

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