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Intersoft WebCombo 6 for ASP.NET

The industry's fastest and most advanced AJAX combo-box for ASP.NET

Advanced client binding, type-ahead completion, Outlook-style multiple selection.
easy nested linking, advanced load-on-demand, and more.

Instantly Search Millions of Rows

Give your users the most powerful, flexible combo box available in the industry. WebCombo delivers instant data retrieval with LINQ-to-SQL technology, fetching millions of rows in just a few seconds. Not fast enough? Switch to the latest client binding technology for light speed data fetching and superior user experience.

Uniquely Innovative
WebCombo outshines the competition with features such as type-ahead searching, auto completion mode, multiple columns, multiple selections and more. Even when working with thousands of rows, data entry is easier and more accurate than ever before.

Simplified Databinding
Supporting dozens of data source controls, WebCombo's codeless databinding lets you seamlessly bind it to even the largest and most complex data sets in just a few clicks.

Highly Scalable, Easily Integrated
Designed to be highly scalable, WebCombo employs a sophisticated flexible caching mechanism to achieve superior performance levels. It easily integrates with other Intersoft WebUI Studio components, such as WebGrid Enterprise and WebTreeView.

Beautifully Styled, Elegantly Visualized
With its all new crystal-clear rounded corners, WebCombo is quite simply the sexiest dropdown box in the industry. A rich set of predefined styles and visual effects make it easy to create an attractive, consistent visual theme to your application.

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Manufacturer: Intersoft Solutions
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