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Intersoft WebInput 4 for ASP.NET

Advanced input formatting, masking, highlighting in one box.

Featuring rich drop-down editors, built-in validators, masked input,
quick date selection, linked WebInput and over hundreds of powerful input features.

The fastest way to input date ranges

WebInput provides the sleekest, fastest date range input in the industry. It makes a repetitive, time-consuming task seamless and effortless.

Three Advanced Features in One Component
All-in-one components reduce costs while enhancing productivity. With WebInput, you get three advanced input controls in one: Date/Time, Numeric, and Masked.

Accelerate Development
Improve your productivity and deliver software ahead of time with WebInput. Adding text input fields is a breeze with the step-by-step wizard and Component Designer 2.0. Access to hundreds of properties is only a single click away, making setup fast and easy.

Rich Editing Experience
With its beautifully rendered styles and advanced features, WebInput provides a rich editing experience for your users while ensuring that your application receives error-free, high quality input. Two unique dropdown editors, calendar and calculator, help you ensure only clean data gets through.

Full Integration with Intersoft Components
Use WebInput as a standalone component or integrate it into other Intersoft components. Set just a single property to integrate WebGrid Enterprise and to start using the rich capabilities of WebGrid's custom editor instantly.

Optimize for Global Clients
Painlessly bridge cultural divides and language barriers with full support for .NET localization. WebInput provides automatic localization from one drop down editor to change and numeric, currency, and date time formats instantly.

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Manufacturer: Intersoft Solutions
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