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JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA Features

In addition to being the most intelligent Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA does provide out-of-the-box support for web, enterprise and mobile frameworks, which all together bring you an unparalleled user experience.

Try IntelliJ IDEA once and youˇ¦ll never use another IDE again.

Ultimate Edition

Productivity-Boosting Features
IntelliJ IDEA is focused on raising your productivity by providing the most intelligent code assistance for all supported languages and frameworks.
- Smart Code Completion is always aware of the context so you can code faster than ever.
- On-the-fly Code Analysis ensures code quality as you type and suggests handy quick-fixes.
- Advanced Refactorings takes care of applying complicated changes to the code safely.

Developer Tools
IntelliJ IDEA offers an amazing set of integrated tools that make development more productive.
- Database Tools including a full-featured database editor and SQL support.
- UML Designer for analysing and designing classes.
= Version Control Tools with a unified interface for Git, SVN, Mercurial and others.
- Build Tools with support for Maven, Ant, Gradle and Gant.

Web Development
IntelliJ IDEA offers advanced support for the most important web frameworks and standards.
- Develop easily with Spring MVC, Webflow, Play, Grails, Web Services, JSF, Struts, Flex and other frameworks.
- Includes ultimate code assistance for HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Node.js, ActionScript and other languages.

Enterprise Development
IntelliJ IDEA offers an out-of-the-box tool set for building enterprise applications.
With support for Spring, including Data, Web Services, Security, Batch, Roo, Integration and other frameworks.
Code assistance and deployment tools Java EE, including EJB, CDI, JPA, Hibernate and support for the most popular application servers

Mobile Development
Developing for mobile platforms becomes incredibly easy with IntelliJ IDEA.
- Support for Android, including refactorings and handy UI designer.
- Development tools for AIR Mobile with support for Android and iOS devices.

Languages Supported
IntelliJ IDEA is a polyglot IDE with comprehensive support for multiple languages, including:
- The most popular JVM-based languages, including Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure and Kotlin.
- PHP, Python and Ruby.
- SQL, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and many other dialects.

Agile Development
IntelliJ IDEA is an ideal IDE for agile development.
- Deploy your applications to the Clouds directly from the IDE.
- Use Task and Context Management for integration with bug trackers and context switching.

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