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JetBrains TeamCity

Continuous Integration for Everybody

Ready to work, extensible and developer friendly build server X out of the box

Pre-Integrated and Extensible
TeamCity is an all-in-one pre-integrated solution. Whether you develop in Java, .NET or for mobile platforms, TeamCity has something to offer.
With its REST API and over 100 ready-to-use plugins, TeamCity will fit all your needs.

Developer Friendly
Do you practice a traditional approach to Continuous Integration, or prefer Feature Branches with Git or Mercurial? Either way TeamCity will enhance your process. Want to do Continuous Deployment? No problem, TeamCity has got you covered!

Scalable Architecture and Licensing
TeamCity licensing model allows you to start completely free and smoothly expand your server capacities when you need more power. Once your installation grows you'll find its maintenance is a much simpler process than you'd expect!

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Manufacturer: JetBrains
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