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Turbine Video Uploader

Turbine Video Uploader (TVU) enables Flash Video (FLV) encoding and transparent uploading to your website or file server.

Turbine Video Uploader can be fully branded and customized in a way that it looks like your own application. You control how it looks, you control the video encoding settings and the upload settings.

TVU is a complete client-side solution to help you build a successful web video community.

It is a very simple process:

1. User downloads Turbine Video Uploader from your site and installs it (only once)
2. User drags & drops a video into the application or uses his webcam to record an instant video
3. Turbine Video Uploader encodes the video and shows a preview to user
4. Turbine Video Uploader uploads the video to your website using your upload settings

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Manufacturer: Blue Pacific
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