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What is celum IMAGINE?
celum IMAGINE is the market leading solution to manage, distribute and review PDF, PowerPoint, Photo & multimedia content for the global Enterprise and quality aware professionals.

Who needs celum IMAGINE?
celum IMAGINE is designed to help any kind of organization that has to manage, distribute and review digital content.

celum IMAGINE is useful in any company department. Still it offers Special features to the following departments

- Corporate Communications (eg. Distributes press releases onine with pin[access)
- Marketing & Sales (eg. Gets approval for marketing collateral by upper management)
- Creative & Design (eg. Directly connect Adobe CS 3 family products to your content processes)
- Documentation, Maintenance, Construction & Education (eg. Managing and commenting digital photo of maintenance work)
- Enterprise IT (eg. Reducing load on MS Exchange servers by disabling large attachments on outbound email)

Top Features

celum IMAGINE IV "barracuda" offers a vast number of specialized features to serve equally well very different scenarios throughout the company.

celum IMAGINE is all about user-friendliness. No other product offers such features combined with such a tremendous easy to use approach. The most important features and those that distinguish celum IMAGINE from its competitors are:

Revolutionary, 100% browser based user interface
based on AJAX and Adobe Flex technology - with ˇ§ActiveMenuˇ¨. No other system on the market offers an even comparable user friendliness compared with an unrivalled feature set!

Send any file with a link
unique PIN/Link based distribution and content intake features. Send anything just with a link. No more cramped email inboxes. Sending a secure and convenient PIN link is just one click away!

PIN based review, comment & approval
workflows with versioning and tracking - NEW

Intelligent content access control
opening yet protecting your content repository.

Manage and re-use text content
extract text from any file and reuse it in others seamlessly - NEW

Multi location Adobe CS 3 family integration
deep integration into Adobe Photoshop & Indesign. Connect multiple Design offices.

MS office and MS Outlook integration
Access your celum IMAGINE content from MS PowerPoint or Outlook. Insert an image in the right size & resolution with one click.

MS SharePoint Portal Server integration
boost the value you get out of Microsoft's Portal solution by offering unique 2 way rich content and content logistics capabilities

Slide-by-Slide MS PowerPoint management
re-use once created slides in other presentations, changes in source presentations will automatically change linked slides

Multi language
6 UI languages, 220 meta content languages and semi-automatic meta data assistants that help you to add as easy as possible as much meta data as possible.

Manage, preview and convert more than 200+ file types
including Office, Video, Adobe Indesign, Flash and Camera-Raw formats.

Multi location systems
server[plus and near[store allow you to orchestrate processes spanning multiple locations/offices all over the world - NEW

integrate celum IMAGINE with central user management, market leading web-to-print, product information management or ERP systems.

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