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eScan Corporate Edition

eScan Corporate is a comprehensive AntiVirus, AntiSpam and Content Security solution that safeguards computers from Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Malware, Keyloggers, Hacking, Spam, Phishing, Objectionable Content and many other digital hazards.

- Real Time Virus Scanning for Desktops and Servers, including scanning SMTP, POP3 and HTTP traffic.
- New AntiVirus Monitor with extensive scanning and advanced quarantining.
- Real Time Content Scanning for all kind of SMTP, POP3 and HTTP activities.
- Powerful Spam-Blocker with multilayered filtering and unique NILP Technology.
- Advanced Web Filter and Parental Control powered by multiple Technologies.
- Productivity Control by restricting access to non-business websites during work hours.
- POP UP Blocker with advanced options.
- Remote File Access Rights with restriction on creation & modification of specific file types in a user specified folder.
- Advanced virus protection and monitoring across the enterprise, from a Single Point Management Console.
- Remote installation and un-installation of eScan and other AntiVirus solution if any, from a single central point.
- Remote Web Administration (eScan RAD) that enables to perform administrative tasks through the web.
- Extensive Reporting of security breaches in the network.
- 'TCP Connections' is an inbuilt Network Monitoring Tool that examines TCP/IP activity on Windows computers.
- Application Control for blocking all unwanted and harmful programs to be used in an organization's network.
- Browser Cleanup feature for cleaning Internet history files at regular intervals.
- New "MWAV (MicroWorld AntiVirus) Utility" with Spyware and adware detection and registry repairing
- Automatic Hourly Updating of Virus Vaccines

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Manufacturer: eScan - MicroWorld
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