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AnyMap is an Extension of AnyChart Flash Charts, but it can be used and licensed separately.

AnyMap Interactive Maps is a unique feature of AnyChart component that allows you to visualize geo related data.

We use the same swf file to render maps and charts - it allows combining maps and chart in the interactive dashboard and easily deploying both of them.

Here are some tasks you can solve with AnyMap:

- Create Drilldown Maps.
- Create Geographical Related Dashboards.
- Create Real Estate, Distributor, Franchise, Dealer, etc. locators.
- Visualize statistical or reporting data easily.
- Visualize marketing research reports.
- Create Area Selectors for web-sites.

AnyChart Flash Map Features:

- Draw custom markers, bubbles, lines and connectors on the maps.
- Draw any map shipped in the package with no additional charge or royalty - see the list of available maps .
- Use any SHP file to create your custom map - if you have SHP files that contains maps you need - contact us at and we will convert them into AnyChart compatible format.
- Display any map in one of ten map projections.
- Use geographical coordinates (longitude, latitude) to add custom points to the map.
- Use thresholds to color a map automatically, according to the data stored in your database.
- Add legend, labels and tooltips to a map.
- Attach custom actions to any map region - to create interactive web applications.
- Attach any custom data from your database to the map - for labels, tooltips, legend, coloring or actions.

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