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NetVue delivers easy access to documents and meets ˇ§thin clientˇ¨ technical requirements. It features:

High-Speed Image Streaming
Leverage our patented high-speed streaming technology to enable high speed display of your documents, including PDF and Postscript files. Deliver image processing and enhancement features through a powerful client / server solution.

Enterprise Document Access
Easily control all facets of document display, annotation, and printing through usersˇ¦ browsers, fulfilling ˇ§thin clientˇ¨ requirements.

Multi-Platform Support
Includes both ActiveX and Java clients, running on Windows, Mac, and Unix systems.

Vector & Raster File Support
Quickly view vector files such as Microsoft (Office, Project, Visio), CAD, and WordPerfect. Enhance your DMS with a patented, high-performance image viewer. Supports over 100 image formats!

Flexible Annotation Options
Create, view, save, and share annotations on any document.

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Manufacturer: Accusoft Pegasus
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