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Karamasoft UltimateSitemap

UltimateSitemap is an ASP.NET server control to build dynamic popup sitemaps. You can either use one of the samples as your template, or build your own sitemap from scratch. Either way, you will have your sitemap ready in no time. Includes:

Sitemap X Generate a sitemap of your website automatically from your directory structure. You can use the built-in designer to build your sitemap, and use the control to display it.

Breadcrumbs X Display a navigation path on top of your web pages. Your visitors will always know where they are in your site hierarchy.

Life-Saver Samples X Use the provided C# and VB samples as your templates. Copy the most appropriate sample into your web application, and go live as quickly as possible.

All .NET Editions in One X Native builds in .NET 1.1 (Visual Studio 2003), .NET 2.0 (Visual Studio 2005) and .NET 3.5 (Visual Studio 2008) provided in one package.

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Manufacturer: Karamasoft
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