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Programming Tools: .NET and Java

Griaule Biometrics Fingerprint SDK

Griaule Biometrics Fingerprint SDK

Fingerprint SDK is a software development kit (SDK) that enables a wide range of applications to use fingerprint recognition.

Software developers can integrate biometrics into their software as programming languages, stand-alone applications and web applications as needed - all through a single, intuitive interface.

Biometrics for all:
Web and enterprise development support;

Biometrics anywhere:
Windows and Linux support;

Independence of sensor:
26 different devices are supported! Usually, the fingerprint libraries provided by the manufacturers only support their own device. Fingerprint SDK's support for multiple fingerprint readers allows you to choose the more suitable reader, and even after application development or deployment, makes you able to change the fingerprint reader you are using, without modifying your code!

Easy and intuitive:
Almost all the fingerprint recognition libraries provide as interface only a cumbersome DLL, where you need to create import files for the language you are using, among other obstacles. Fingerprint SDK offers you an ActiveX, DLL, Java and .NET component!

Easy to learn:
With the several samples available at Download Page, everything needed to develop in the supported languages is showed as example! The samples are provided in several languages, along with their source code.

Fingerprint template consolidation:
Improves the recognition rate by improving the template quality. Eliminates the need of using multiple samples of the same finger, thus reducing the database size and identification time.

Easy licensing:
All process is based on Product Keys. For more information, go to How to License

Griaule Tools:
A support tool that runs as an icon in the system tray. It shows some useful information for technical support and provides online activation.

The way you need it:
Most solutions offer only one-to-one verification or one-to-little. Using Fingerprint SDK you have unlimited one-to-many fingerprint identification.

Use your preferred programming language:
The Fingerprint SDK supports multiple programming languages including Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, .NET, FoxPro and many others.

Quality worldwide:
Over 80 countries are already using it;

International merit:
Winners! That was the outcome of our Fingerprint SDK participation in the worldˇ¦s largest competition for fingerprint verification algorithms (FVC2006). We were also successfully tested among the world's best fingerprint recognition systems , on a test held by NIST in 2003.

Outstanding fingerprint matching speed:
With a blazing fast matching speed up to 35,000 fingerprints per second, it will be more than adequate for most demanding applications;

Safe to purchase:
You can download our Trial Pack and test it, create your applications and use it non-commercially for 90 days. Once you decide to purchase, you won't even need to reinstall the software!

Driver-less Microsoft Fingerprint reader and Digital Persona support:
You don't need the manufacturer's driver or SDK (API). Our SDK comes with its own driver for these readers.

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Manufacturer: Griaule Biometrics
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