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Programming Tools: .NET and Java

Griaule Biometrics AFIS SDK

Helps developers to build an Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

Those systems can automatically detect several fingerprint features like: ridge pattern, core, deltas, ridge count and minutiae.

More then the fingerprint image:
Auxiliary images help you to figure out different aspects of the fingerprint.

Sometimes, when working with AFIS or some more professional biometrics applications, it is useful to have auxiliary images to work with. Griaule AFIS can supply five types of auxiliary images. These are:

- 500 DPI version of the extracted image;
- binary image;
- quality map;
- ridge directions map;
- ridge image

Useful tool when manual analysis is needed:
It automatically detects singularities like cores and deltas.

Singularities are points where ridges have high curvature, forming the global patterns of the fingerprint. The most common singularities are the cores and the deltas. In the core region, the fingerprint has two distinct directions of ridge flow; in a delta region, the fingerprint has three distinct directions of ridge flow. This detection is very useful in manual detection of patterns, in manual 'matching' of two fingerprints, in latent fingerprints enhancement, etc.

Keep fingerprints organized:
With automatic pattern classification the fingerprints will be classified in one of the six different possibilities.

Databases of fingerprint cards for law enforcement and civil enrollment can easily grow to hundreds of millions records. Even for the fastest computers, search through this database can take an inordinate amount of time. Fortunately, fingerprints can be classified and this classification can be used to split the fingerprint databases. This classification is the traditional method of indexing and searching for fingerprint cards. Once a finger pattern is identified, this finger can be searched only against fingers with the same pattern classification, reducing the total time of search. The AFIS SDK can classify fingerprints into six basic pattern-level classes known as: arch, left loop, right loop, scar, tented arch, whorl.

Enables manual adjustment:
Full support to template editing

The AFIS SDK has a set of functions that enable full template editing, thus allowing correction or inclusion of information in low quality or latent prints. Griaule AFIS provide full access to template information, easing the work of developing template editing applications.

Prepared to extend other possibilities:
Palm and latent fingerprint matching is also available.

Palm and Latent fingerprints present a great challenge, for which Griaule AFIS is prepared to deal. The extraction algorithm can deal with images as large as 200x100 mm; matching algorithms have specific parameters and functions to deal with Palm and Latent prints.

Additional algorithm to improve performance:
Innovative matching algorithm to be used as a post matching to the conventional "minutiae based" one.

Griaule developed an innovative matching algorithm to be used as a post matching to the conventional "minutiae based" matching algorithm. This algorithm improves the system overall performance. It runs when the score using the primary algorithm is not satisfactory and can add or subtract scores, reducing the false acceptance rate and the false rejection rate.

Prepared to capture slap and rolled fingerprints:
Automatic capture from the most important devices in the market.

One of the most powerful features of Griaule AFIS is integrating in a single component, the extraction, matching and capture processes. Griaule AFIS can capture slap and rolled fingerprints in automatic and manual mode and can show live video. Devices supported:

- Crossmatch USB V300 and V500.
- Smiths Heimann Biometrics L SCAN 100R (USB) and ACCO 1394S (Firewire).
- WDM-compliant fingerprint readers, having frame grabbers with video output.

You can control when the fingerprint is captured:
Automatic and manual capture modes available.

It is possible to have Griaule AFIS working in automatic capture mode. In this mode an algorithm detect the presence of a finger in the fingerprint reader and does an automatic capture of the image. The rolling of a finger on the fingerprint reader is also detected, firing the start of a rolled capture.

Keeps your days headache-free:
Functions to ease the development

Griaule AFIS comes with additional functions designed to speed up and simplify the development of large and complex applications. The library comes with functions to locate minutiae and segments near a given place in the image, having the purpose of helping development of applications which need interactive operations, such as minutia adding and removal. Another set of interesting functions for the developer is the function to load and save bitmaps to/from files. The library has yet two more functions designed to help showing images and templates on screen.

Gives you the power you need:
Features fully configurable

The large set of features presented in this library is fully configurable. It is possible to change the behavior and characteristics of the image capture, template extraction, matching and post matching.

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