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Programming Tools: .NET and Java

Griaule Biometrics ICAO Face SDK

Your photos fitting international standards

Automated characteristics detection:
Automated detection of eyes and mouth locations and option for manual adjustment;

Does not matter where you took the picture:
Support for facial images with heterogeneous background.

Aligned with standards:
Several ICAO Full Frontal Image requirements (ISO/IEC FCD 19794-5) based on eyes and mouth detection that includes:

- Frontal rotation of the face is less than 5º (angle between the eyes);
- Same pixel aspect ratio at horizontal and vertical dimensions;
- Nose and mouth are at the horizontal center of the image;
- The distance from the bottom edge of the image to the imaginary line passing through the center of the eyes is between 50% - 70% of the height of the image
- The minimum image width conforms to the image width by head width ratio of 7:5. The head width is defined as the distance between the left and right ears
- The distance between the base of the chin and the crown is less than 80% of the total height of the image.
- Support for ICAO Token Image (ISO/IEC FCD 19794-5).
- Standard facial measures ratios and goals. Griaule ICAO Face SDK returns information about ratio values and matched/unmatched goals.

Some ratios are listed below. They are also matched against their own ICAO standard goal.

1. - Angle of Eyes Inclination
2. - Eyes Height Ratio (eyes height/photo height)
3. - Width Face Ratio (face width/photo width)
4. - Height Face Ratio (face height/photo height)
5. - Aspect Ratio (photo width/photo height)

Biometric data interchange and interoperability available:
Support for:

- CBEFF biometric data interchange pattern A for facial images (compliant with ISO/IEC 19785:1-2004);
- ICAO format for facial information interchange (Annex D - Facial Face Image Format for Interoperable Data Interchange) from technical report Biometrics Deployment of Machine Readable Travel Documents, version 2.0, dated 05/21/2004, from ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization);
- Image compression with JPEG2000 with region of interest (ROI).
- Allows inclusion of several facial images and flexible number of feature points (e.g. eyes and mouth coordinates). You can add as many facial images and as many feature points as you want to the exchange file.

More control of your photos:
With the Full Frontal white background filled image creation functionality, you can have the processed photo with the dimensions you need. One common reason for unsuccessful creation of Full Frontal Image is that estimated rectangular ICAO region unbound the source image limits. Now, new white pixels are added to fill the background region to increase the width/height of the image in order to meet the right dimensions of the ICAO image.

Independence of camera:
The software needs only the face image to be used;

Easy and intuitive:
Simple interface available as an ActiveX (COM) and DLL;

Easy to learn:
With the several samples delivered with the ICAO Face SDK, everything needed to develop in the supported languages is showed as example! The samples are provided in several languages, along with their source code;

Use your preferred programming language:
The ICAO Face SDK supports multiple programming languages including Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, .NET, FoxPro and many others;

Work with .NET and Java made even easier:
Besides the ActiveX and .DLL components, now it's available components for Java and .NET programming languages

Safe to purchase:
You can download our Trial Pack and test it, create your applications and use it non-commercially for 90 days. Once you decide to purchase, you won't even need to reinstall the software!

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Manufacturer: Griaule Biometrics
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