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Griaule Biometrics Desktop Identity

Easily start using biometrics. Track users time using their fingerprint.

Add biometrics into your system without programming a single line of code. You can use Desktop Identity in applications such as Time and Attendance, Access Control, Identification and Point of Sale.

User enrollment:
When you register a person in Desktop Identity, you associate him/her with an ID. Later, when this person touches the scanner, he or she will be identified by his/her fingerprints and the ID will be sent to the active application;

Enables you to fill automatically another application's field.

If you are using the auto-fill feature, Desktop Identity will submit the text through the keyboard or clipboard to the current foreground (active) application as it was typed by the user himself. It allows existent applications (even the older ones, running under DOS) to act using biometrics;

Fuels your creativity:
Many different ways of using biometrics.

Think about how you can use it. In a movie rental, every customer has a numeric ID they have to remember every time they want to rent a movie. The owner, instead of buying a different and more complex system, will just need to install Desktop Identity and register every customer and their IDs. Then, when renting a movie, one will just need to press one's finger and Desktop Identity will automatically write the ID in the right field in the rentals' system;

Get rid of IDs or cards to identity users;

Punch log available:

You can open the punch log file clicking on the Desktop Identity icon -> punch log -> Open punch log

Track your user's identification history.

When punch log feature is enabled, the program will write a log in a text file whenever a fingerprint is identified. This file can be later processed to generate a report.

If you want to have an easy time and attendance control, you will use Desktop Identity's punch log;

Simple Enrollment process:
Enroll many people in a matter of minutes!

For example, by default, the ID will be sent to the keyboard buffer. It can be, however, submitted to the clipboard. To configure it, open the "Advanced Configuration" item of the menu and choose "clipboard". You can also send an ENTER after the ID. Just check the box "Send a ENTER key after identifier" in the same dialog;

To improve the privacy, the identification characters can be showed as a string of asterisks (******) in the identification window. Just uncheck the box "Show user identifier" in "Advanced Configuration" dialog;

You can remove users and change their IDs and names in the item "Manage users" in the menu;

You can restrict a user to a specific span of time in specific days, clicking on the "Day/time restrictions" button in the "Manage database" dialog.

Independent of sensor:
19 different devices are supported! Usually, the fingerprint libraries provided by the manufacturers only support their own device. Biometric Network Logon is built under Fingerprint SDK's support for multiple fingerprint readers allows you to choose the more suitable reader;

Easy and intuitive:
Interface both for the user as well as for the administrator is pretty friendly.

Easy to learn:
It does much in just few steps;

Desktop Identity will work as it's not there.

Since Desktop Identity runs entirely in the background, the entire process of capturing, verifying, matching and submitting to the text identifier becomes completely transparent to the target application;

Quality worldwide:
Many countries already using it;

International merit:
The software is build under Griaule's Fingerprint SDK. 1st place was the outcome of its participation in the worldˇ¦s largest competition for fingerprint verification algorithms (FVC2006). It was also successfully tested among the world's best fingerprint recognition systems, on a test held by NIST in 2003.

Safe to purchase:
You can download our Trial Pack and test it, create your applications and use it non-commercially for 90 days. Once you decide to purchase, you won't even need to reinstall the software!

Driver-less Microsoft Fingerprint reader and Digital Persona support:
You don't need the manufacturer's driver or SDK (API). Our SDK comes with its own driver for these readers.

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Manufacturer: Griaule Biometrics
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