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GrapeCity - PowerTools - ActiveReports

This award-winning .NET Reporting Tool for Silverlight, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Azure includes an End-User Report Designer, Visual Studio integration and more.

ActiveReports - Overview

ActiveReports has been the award-winning .NET reporting tool of choice for the world's best applications for over a decade. Key features include unmatched customization, fast performance, super high quality, and multi-language features X all battle-tested in tens of thousands of applications worldwide.

Pioneering .NET Reporting Tool with Many Firsts
ActiveReports introduced a number of technologies to .NET developers all over the world for the very first time, including the first Visual Basic report builder, the first Visual Studio report designer, the first code-behind reporting model, the first end-user report designer and finally, the first reporting tool with royalty-free deployment.

Quality Tested by Tens of Thousands of Users
More than a decade ago, ActiveReports became the first reporting tool to work inside the Visual Basic IDE. Since then, the COM version X and now the .NET version X have not only been used by tens of thousands of developers, but also have become one of the only international reporting tools to be successfully localized, sold, and supported in Japan and Europe. Bottom line: ActiveReports is a proven reporting technology that just works right every time X even those features that are deemed "advanced" by our competition.

Rich Collection of Reporting Tools
When you buy ActiveReports, you get access to a complete set of .NET reporting tools that have been refined based on over a decade of customer feedback and the combined reporting experience of over 50,000 developers worldwide. These include upgrade tools, MS Access and other report converters, the Visual Studio report designer, the end-user report designer, charts, bar codes, export plug-ins and the .NET reporting SDK.

Almost Unlimited Report Customization
ActiveReports is the world's most flexible reporting tool for .NET. It offers an extensive code-behind, event-based API for report creation, plus the ability to hook into pretty much any reporting behavior at run time. Developers have long used ActiveReports to embed advanced reporting features into their applications X features that would otherwise be considered impossible to achieve. Read our case studies to discover how ActiveReports has turned reporting into a competitive advantage for our clients.

Intuitive Visual Studio Report Designer
ActiveReports was the world's first reporting tool that offered an easy-to-use report designer tightly integrated with Visual Studio X integration that began with Visual Basic over a decade ago and continues with Visual Studio 2010 today. The report designer also supports C# and third-party hosting controls and offers an extensive programming model for creating and customizing reports at run-time.

Broad Data Binding Support
ActiveReports allows you to bind reports to a variety of data sources X including run-time unbound data X and also allows you to change data source properties to provide ad-hoc reporting. It supports OLEDB; XML; .NET SQL clients; .NET collections such as data sets, data views, and data tables; and any entity that supports the iList interface.

Variety of Export Formats
ActiveReports allows you to export your reports into a variety of formats, including .PDF, HTML, .MHT, .RTF, Excel (.XLS), plain text (.TXT), comma-separated values (*.CSV), and .TIFF.

Easy-to-Use End-User Reporting Tools
ActiveReports allows you to host the report designer in your application and distribute it royalty free. It also allows end-users to edit reports and to save and load report layouts. In addition, it allows you to monitor and control the design environment and customize the report's look and feel to meet the needs of your end users.

World Class Reporting Performance and Quality
If you admired ActiveReports for its world-class quality and speed with over 50,000 users worldwide, you will love version 6 even more. The new version contains a number of improvements to enhance the performance and quality of the reporting engine, making it better, faster and smarter than ever before.

Rich Product and Public KnowledgeBase
When you buy ActiveReports and related products, you are getting a market leader. You are getting the confidence of knowing that for the last decade, over 50,000 developers have adopted and enriched the product with their experience and skills and have contributed to a global online knowledge base in the form of innumerable forum discussions, articles, comparisons, blogs and emails.

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