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StarNet X-Win32 FLASH

StarNet's most successful new product is X-Win32 FLASH, which allows users to install and run X-Win32 from a USB flash drive.

X-Win32 FLASH is identical in functionality, features, performance and price to our X-Win32 flagship product. The difference is that X-Win32 FLASH installs and runs from about any USB flash drive, including regular USB sticks and SD memory cards that plug into cell phones, cameras and other devices. If you can connect the memory device to a Windows PC, you can run X-Win32 from it.

Unprecedented Level of Session Mobility

With X-Win32 FLASH, you can access X-Windows applications from any Windows machine instantly. Simply plug your X-Win32 FLASH USB key into any Windows computer and run your sessions...nothing is installed on the host PC or remains after the USB drive is disconnected.

When running a LIVE Session, you can suspend your session on one PC, plug the USB key into another PC and resume the session. This is the ULTIMATE in X session mobility as it allows you to access your sessions from anywhere, including home, hotels, or customer sites, without having to shut down a running session on the remote Unix/Linux host. View the full feature set here.

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Manufacturer: StarNet Communications
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