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StarNet LinuxLIVE

For 20 years, StarNet has been a leading provider of software to connect Windows PCs to Unix and Linux systems. Over the past 10 years, an increasing number of engineers and other computer users have been switching to Linux workstations. While many X applications have been ported to Linux and can run locally on the workstation, Linux users also need to access other applications. Those connections, especially VPN and other WAN connections, are just as vulnerable to fatal network or power interrupts as connections from Windows PCs.

First developed in 2008 for StarNet's X-Win32 Windows users, LinuxLIVE now offers Linux users the same set of next-generation LIVE session capabilities when connecting to remote servers. These highly productive features include:

Disaster Recovery: LinuxLIVE offers the ability to reconnect to a session on a remote host after a system crash, network interruption, or power interruption.

Suspend/Resume: Users can suspend their LIVE sessions on the remote host at the end of a workday and resume it the net morning. All the while the session continues to run on the remote host.

Fastest Connections: Over slow Internet connections, LinuxLIVE sessions offer unmatched speed due to compression and uniquely streamlined X11 protocol. Using WiFi or DSL connections, you can essentially work at LAN speed from home.

The Ultimate in Session Mobility: LinuxLIVE allows users to suspend a LIVE session on their office PC and resume it on another Windows computer.

Session Collaboration: LinuxLIVE's LIVE Sessions offer the ability to allow others (Windows PC users with X-Win32 installed or Linux system users with LinuxLIVE) to connect to a common session. All participants of the shared session have keyboard and mouse control.

LIVE Console: This feature is built into the LIVE server that allows Linux workstation users to re-display his/her native Linux console on a Windows PC. Find out more about LIVE Console.

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