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ComponentOne Studio for WPF

Leveraging the full potential of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ComponentOne Studio® for WPF offers everything from advanced data binding to rich data visualizations included in grids, schedulers, charts, reports, and more.

What's Inside?

Get powerful chart rendering, rich styling elements, animations, and data-binding capabilities. Charting in WPF has never been easier.

Generate rich dashboard-style apps for WPF using C1LinearGauge, C1RadialGauge, and C1Knob.

Display, format, and edit tabular data as well as adapt the grid appearance, behavior, and layout to create a completely tailored UX.

Achieve carousel-like effects and display a large number of elements in a small container, without using scrollbars.

Automatically validate input in your WPF apps with a masked textbox.

Display and edit numeric values in your WPF apps using a numeric text box (C1NumericBox).

Add numeric data range selection to your WPF apps with two thumb elements.

Integrate reporting and document-generating functionality into your WPF apps.

Watch your Microsoft Outlook-style scheduler come to life. Partially or completely customize your UI with predefined themes and dialog box templates.

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Manufacturer: ComponentOne
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