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ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET AJAX

Do more with less code. Over 35 styled, supercharged, and easy-to-use controls built on Web standards including AJAX, CSS, and XHTML. Shift your site into overdrive with ComponentOne Studio® for ASP.NET.

What's Inside?
Provide multiple panes of content displaying them one at a time. Bind to data, expand the content in 4 directions, add animations, and more.

Add a calendar to your Web site. Show a single month or a table of months with customizable styles and navigation elements.

Full-featured combo box control that combines an editable text box with an auto-searchable drop-down list.

Replace any text box with this intuitive Microsoft Word-like rich text editor. Edit your HTML content in your preferred style.

Read and write Microsoft Excel files to your .NET Apps. OpenXml format support allows you to save smaller, compressed XLSX files.

Expand and contract the content panel with built-in animation effects.

Present your data in the form of vector graphics and animation. Draw content to a single frame, create animation, or organize a slide show.

Easily style simple elements like buttons or checkboxes on your Web apps for a rich UI experience.

Display items from a data source in an interactive, fully customizable table. Select, edit, delete, sort, and group data.

Easily layout and display blocks of content on your Web pages.

Your complete collection of data-entry and validation controls: choose from masked, date, numeric, and custom editing.

Create multi-level menus with animation effects, image and check box items, interactive item scrolling, and more.

Display multiple pages of content all within one control and navigate using the built-in buttons, custom buttons, or auto play feature.

With very little setup required, display menu information in a Microsoft Outlook-style navigation panel.

Easily turn your Web site into an e-commerce enabled store with these free eCommerce controls that provide real-time credit card processing.

Create Adobe PDF documents from your apps. Get security, compression, outlining, hyper-linking, attachments, and more.

Visually indicate the progress of an operation.

Create a full-featured scheduling application with the familiar look of Microsoft Outlook.

Provide a simple, familiar way for end-users to choose a value in a predefined range.

Create resizable panels in your apps without using any resizing code. Customize the look with CSS, mouse over styles, ToolTips, and images.

Host full pages of content on multiple tabs, and easily organize and navigate Web content.

Create tabbed interfaces for your Web site. Host full pages of content on each tab, have multiple rows of tabs, enable scrolling, and more.

Create custom toolbars for additional navigation in your Web site. You have the flexibility to place almost any control in the toolbar.

Give your end-users a better UX with context-sensitive ToolTips.

Present items in a hierarchical tree structure, and effortlessly add animation, style, and drag-and-drop functionality.

Upload files and streams to the server.

Add high quality 2D and 3D charts to your Web apps.

Increase speed and performance in your database Web apps with automatic server-side data caching and multiple caching options.

Effortlessly create and integrate interactive reports into your Web apps. Stream complex HTML and PDF reports to your client's machine.

Create robust, interactive, customizable dialog windows that can be created on the client-side or server-side.

Quickly compress data, saving disk space and network bandwidth, and easily manipulate and work with compressed data.

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