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ComponentOne Studio for iPhone

We've worked hard to make iPhone Web dev a piece of cake. Use your existing ASP.NET skill set and take your Web apps to the iPhone. We give you the iPhone UX, so you can focus on developing your apps. ComponentOne Studio® for iPhone is familiar. It's easy. And it's brand spankin' new.

Find your ASP.NET button controls here. You get buttons familiar to iPhone users: C1Button, C1SwitchButton, and C1SegmentedButtons.

With Calendar for iPhone, selecting dates and changing months is as easy as a few taps on the display.

Visually navigate through album items in a three-dimensional, animated graphical UI with CoverFlow for iPhone.

Display information to an end-user or get a response from an end-user using this semi-translucent, gray dialog box.

LaunchPad for iPhone's familiar UI allows for multiple pages of navigation and contains a content page, toolbar, and launch pad items.

With MultiView for iPhone you can display all your data and more without using up valuable screen real estate.

Give mobile end-users a familiar way to navigate your Web site, starting with NavigationList for iPhone: the foundation of your app.

PickerView for iPhone shows one or more sets of values using a spinning-wheel or slot-machine motif.

Display a specific continuous range of values for end-users to select from with Slider for iPhone.

Successfully manage a set of view controllers with TabBarController for iPhone, and change the appearance of the tab bar.

ViewPort for iPhone provides a standard UI for your app, including the header, buttons, content area, toolbar, and nav list control support.

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