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ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms

Discover new trends and drive efficiency with essential data analysis, reporting, and charting. Rather than summarizing data in spreadsheets, which can be tedious, repetitive, and error-prone; make ComponentOne OLAP™ for WinForms your business solution. This suite of .NET controls provides analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excelˇ¦s Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. With drag-and-drop views, you get real-time information, insights, and results in seconds. Choose OLAP for WinForms because data analysis shouldnˇ¦t be rocket science.

See OLAP for WinForms in Action
Get an overview of what OLAP is, see how easy it is to use OLAP for WinForms, specifically the C1OlapPage control, and explore the Excel-like UI.

Why People are Choosing OLAP for WinForms
Five controls you can embed into your own app thus delivering the ad-hoc analysis and your app all in one solution
99% development time savings; you only need to connect to a data source
Zero code maintenance; analyze your data without writing or re-writing code
Endless data views for your end-users
What's Inside
OLAP for WinForms is a stand-alone product. In addition to the following controls, it also includes the C1FlexGrid, C1Chart, and C1PDF Windows Forms controls.

C1OlapPanel Provides the raw data for the analysis using a DataSource property as well as a drag-and-drop interface for defining custom views of the data. The panel is visually similar to the Microsoft Excel Pivot Table UI.
C1OlapGrid Displays OLAP tables. It extends the C1FlexGrid control and provides automatic data binding to C1OlapPanel objects, grouped row and column headers as well as custom behaviors for resizing columns, copying data to the clipboard, and showing details for any given cell.
C1OlapChart Displays OLAP charts. It extends the C1Chart control and provides automatic data binding to C1OlapPanel objects, automatic tooltips, chart type and palette selection.
C1OlapPrintDocument Creates reports based on OLAP views. It extends the PrintDocument class and provides properties that allow you to specify content and formatting for showing OLAP grids, charts, and the raw data used to create the report.
C1OlapPage Groups Panel, Chart, Grid, and PrintDocument in one easy-to-use tabbed interface. Just drop the page control and set the data source. You can develop your own custom interface using only the basic controls instead of the C1OlapPage.

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