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ComponentOne XapOptimizer

In one click you can reduce the size of your Silverlight apps up to 70% and secure your code with obfuscation. Add ComponentOne XapOptimizer to your dev cycle with build automations, backups, and limitless options.

Customize the Optimization Output
See what's going to be removed from the assembly before it is actually removed. You can also manually "Pin" some elements to keep them after the optimization process.

Choose to enable or disable obfuscation and choose the specific elements to obfuscate.

Sign Assemblies
Choose whether to sign elements in the assembly and which specific elements to sign.

Save Projects
XapOptimizer allows you to save projects allowing you to reopen the project at a later date or easily try different options.

Integrate with Your Build Process
Integrate XapOptimizer as part of the build process in Microsoft Visual Studio to automatically optimize your XAP files.

Use with Any Third Party Controls

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Manufacturer: ComponentOne
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