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ComponentOne Doc-To-Help® Enterprise

Use Doc-To-Help¡¦s XML-based editor, Microsoft® Word, or HTML and produce desktop, Web, or print deliverables. All you need to do is write (or import) and Doc-To-Help does the rest.

Most Popular Doc-To-Help Uses
Author in our built-in editor or Word to create Help and manuals for software and hardware
Author in our built-in editor or Word to create print and online policy and procedure manuals
Convert existing Word documents to searchable, topic-based content for the Web
Publish training and support materials to the Web

Why People Choose Doc-To-Help
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One Application is All You Need to Do Your Job

You only need one application to serve all your documentation and information needs. That is only one application to purchase and only one application to learn. With Doc-To-Help, you can write (or import), edit, and publish to multiple types of commercial quality desktop, print, and Web output right out of the box.

Benefit Every Department

Use Doc-To-Help to improve communication in many parts of your organization...

Technical Communicators Help and Manuals

Policy Writers/Operations/HR Sharing policy information, online handbooks and reports
Regulatory compliance

Trainers Online and print training materials

Support Professionals Mini-sites with support information

Choose Your Authoring Environment

Since Doc-To-Help doesn't require you to use its editing environment, you and your team can work where you¡¦re most comfortable. Work in Doc-To-Help's built-in editor or directly in Microsoft Word, FrontPage, or Adobe Dreamweaver. You don't have to convert from Word or HTML, you can actually work in those environments. This is true choice of editing environment.

Rather Work in Microsoft Word? No problem.

Create and store your content entirely in Word. We still have the industry leading Word support that first made Doc-To-Help famous in 1991. An integrated toolbar helps you configure your project without the need to convert your docs to a proprietary format. If you can use Word, you can use Doc-To-Help.

Import What You Have

Reuse past work by importing the materials you already have. Step-by-step wizards help you import existing materials and create new Doc-To-Help projects. Start with anything in these formats:

RoboHelp Word
RoboHelp HTML
Word Documents
HTML Files

Publish Content Anywhere Your Audience Needs It

You can publish industry standard desktop formats, print-ready manuals, and self-contained searchable websites. Just write or import content and Doc-To-Help will produce the deliverables your audience needs.

Printed Manuals
Help 2.0

Save Time with Single-Source Publishing

Write one set of content and publish as many versions and formats as you need. With Doc-To-Help, there is no need to reformat or rewrite content for different audiences. Rest easy, your source content is kept in its original format for editing and reuse.

Automation Makes Publishing Easy

Focus on writing and let Doc-To-Help do the rest. It analyzes your content and automatically adds a Table of Contents, index, cover pages, search, and more. While other tools give you similar automation, they require you to spend time configuring them, often for each output.

Give Your Content the ¡§Wow¡¨ Factor

Impressive, easy-to-read content will lead to a happier, more successful audience. Doc-To-Help gives you the tools to create quality materials without knowledge of design or development. Here are just some of the things that are a button click away:

Graphics and videos
Collapsing sections
Pop-up, expanding, and drop-down text
Theme editor
Image maps
Breadcrumbs for navigation
Custom buttons

Transform Existing Word Docs to Websites

You can convert an existing Word document to self-contained/searchable Web content with a single click. There is no need to reformat or manually configure any content, just import and build. Other tools require configuration, conversion, and setup. Doc-To-Help¡¦s flexible nature makes it great for sharing existing procedures, regulations, user manuals, and training content.

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Industry Leadership Since 1991

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