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SQL Defrag Studio 2009


During normal database usage, inserts, updates and deletes will put your indexes out of order, slowing down performance. When this happens, you need to defrag your indexes.

SQL Defrag Studio 2009 is the perfect solution to this problem. SQL Defrag Studio makes fragmentation easy to understand with a simple interface and easy-to-follow recommendations for which indexes are in a bad state.

Simply run SQL Defrag Studio to identify which indexes are fragmented and then defrag only where it's needed. Once SQL Defrag Studio has put your indexes back in order, your queries will run quickly again.


- Enterprise support for unlimited SQL Servers. Saves login details to save you retyping each time you connect.

- New and improved user interface íV this good-looking tool is now even easier to use.

- Color-coded graphical view so you can quickly find fragmented hot spots and target these first.

- The Index Usage Stats tab quickly shows color-coded index read and write usage for each table so you can quickly find activity hot spots in your databases.

- Quickly find unused indexes so they can be dropped and replaced by indexes on columns that make data retrieval faster.

- Designed to support tables with over 3 billion rows (should you have one this big!).

- Identify disabled indexes and re-enable them quickly and cleanly to make indexes and underlying tables operational again.

- Support for XML, Full Text and Filtered indexes, and indexes on geospatial and geometery columns.

- The database status shows you which operations can be performed (Analyze and/or Defrag), when a database is in a state other then online eg offline, read-only or single user mode.


- Speeds up your SQL Servers by identifying and removing fragmentation.

- Pay just one price and connect to unlimited SQL Servers to manage ALL your indexes. A recession-busting price - defrag everything for just $495! (discounts available in our shop) - show me discounts and licensing offers.

- Save your company cash - when customers and employees are waiting for your server to respond, you're losing money. Fragmentation = $$$. SQL Defrag Studio = $495.

- Backward compatibility with Visual Defrag 2007 scheduled jobs íV automatic import feature means continued management with no extra workload.

- Now in its third major release since we first launched it in October 2005, this stable product is the easiest and cheapest solution on the market. Our best yet!

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Manufacturer: Norb Technologies
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