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activePDF Portal

Browser Based PDF Viewing And Editing

Hosted entirely on your server, activePDF Portal enables your users to interactively view and modify PDF documents from any source - adding comments, form fields, bookmarks, and more íV directly from within a standard web browser, without requiring any client-side software such as Adobe Reader or Flash, or the use of ActiveX controls.

With Portal, you can selectively disable the end useríŽs PDF editing, printing and saving capabilities, allowing for full protection against unauthorized distribution or tampering.

Key Features:

- Add PDF viewing and editing capabilities through our easy-to-implement web control, without requiring any client-side software or plug-ins.
- Users can edit PDF files from any source using the browser of their choice, with tools for adding and editing bookmarks, annotations, drawing objects, form fields, hyperlinks and more.
- Host PDFs from behind your firewall, protecting your confidential documents from unauthorized distribution or tampering.
- Optionally suppress PDF editing and saving tools, controlling the level of access granted to end users and increasing the security of sensitive information.
- Mobile-device readiness allows users to view, edit, and form-fill PDFs using smart phones, iPAD, or similar devices.
- Provide interactive PDF form creation and editing capabilities, including field calculations and formatting, all within the browser.

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