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BB FlashBack SDK

BB FlashBack SDK is the easiest way to add screen recording, playback, editing and exporting to your applications.

- Royalty free
- Easy to use ActiveX components
- Integrates with MS Visual Studio and Borland IDEs


Use the SDK to record the full screen, an area of the screen, single or multiple windows or a process. It offers a variety of recording technologies, so you'll be able to capture high fps movies at lossless image quality whatever the PC spec or operating system.

You can also capture sound from any source while recording the screen.

Playback and Editing

Play recordings back within your programs, with full playback controls.

Add text boxes, sounds and images to any point in the movie.

Powerful editing functions enable frame by frame editing.

BB FlashBack SDK gives you the ability to export screen recordings in AVI, Flash or Windows Media Video (WMV) format.

You get full control over image and sound quality and export file size.

Flash exports can include full playback controls.

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