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pdfMachine SDK


pdfMachine SDK is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for PDF conversion and manipulation.
(pdfMachine SDK was previously called pdfServMachine.)
• COM API, .net webservice and command line.
• Easily convert your HTML, text and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files to PDF.
• Integrate PDF generation into virtually any application that can print.
• Manipulate existing PDF documents.
• Add digital signatures to PDF documents. Supports local and server based signature calculation.
• pdfMachine SDK runs on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Microsoft Office has to be installed to be able to convert Microsoft Office files to PDF.

Click here to download pdfMachine SDK 1.9.7
(note: at least pdfMachine 12.12 is a prerequisite for this version)
Features• Synchronization of print jobs - you know when the PDF file is ready.
• High quality PDF generation

• TrueType font embedding is supported.

• Built on popular and robust pdfMachine technology.

• All of the pdfMachine features are supported, such as PDF Stationery, N-UP, Encryption + more.

• COM API for PDF manipulation. Features such as security, document properties, PDF appending, page deletion, stationery and N-Up can be controlled via the API.

• Can be run as a webservice, making for easy integration with .net or SOAP clients from anywhere on the net.
• Can be run as a windows service.

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Manufacturer: Broadgun Software
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