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Aurigma Aurigma Video Uploader

What is Aurigma Video Uploader?
Aurigma Video Uploader is a unique upload solution for video sharing websites. If you integrate it with your website, your users can upload videos right from a browser. A video will be automatically converted to a single file format before upload, and if desired, resized and watermarked.

Does it upload FLV?
The bad news is that the answer is "no": Aurigma cannot convert videos to FLV. But there are good news: FLV and Adobe Flash are not the only technologies you can use to build a full-fledged video sharing website. Microsoft offers a nice alternative solution: WMV and Silverlight.

How does Aurigma help you build a video hosting website?
A general scenario of Aurigma Video Uploader usage is pretty simple:
1. A user opens a page with Aurigma Video Uploader embedded inside.
2. They navigate through their folders and videos without leaving a browser.
3. Once the right video file is found, Video Uploader converts it into WMV file format.
4. Converted video is uploaded to your website.
5. To play this movie online, you use Silverlight-based video player.

What video formats Video Uploader accepts?
There is no exact set of supported formats. But since Aurigma uses codecs installed on a client machine, it is able to work with any video, and a user can play with Windows Media Player. For most cases this is enough X it is unlikely that a user will share a video they cannot play locally.

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