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Bokai Barcode/ActiveX

Bokai Barcode Image Generator ActiveX Edition, or Barcode/ActiveX for short, is an ActiveX control for printing barcodes. It can be used by developers in programming environments supporting ActiveX controls, like Visual Basic and Microsoft Access (including reports). It can also be used by end-users directly in office productivity applications like Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), WordPad, etc. It is royalty-free for programmers for redistribution (certain restrictions apply).

Barcode/ActiveX supports 50 barcode types. It can print quality barcodes on both low- and high-resolution printers. It exposes presentation properties including rotation, text position, font, etc. The barcode parameters, bar/space widths, margins, etc., are fine-tunable. It also allows to retrieve the specifications (bar positions and widths) of the bars of any given barcode, when you have such a need. Extremely easy to use, it needs only one line of code to draw a barcode in Visual Basic; one line of code to print a barcode linked to each detail line of a Microsoft Access report.

Barcode for Office makes it easy to transfer a barcode image to other applications. You can save a barcode as an image file; you can copy the image to the Clipboard; you can also generate a barcode image in memory or assign the barcode to a Picture Control. These image formats are supported: Enhanced Metafile, Windows Metafile, Windows Bitmap, PNG and JPEG.

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Manufacturer: Bokai
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