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Contour Decision Center

Decision Support íV Contour Decision Center

Contour Decision Center is designed to automate decision making centers and situational centers in public administration organizations and large companies.

The system displays comprehensive interactive reports on large screens during important meetings.

Contour Decision Center allows to display a number of reports on one screen, covering all aspects of the discussed problem, and to interactively manage them during the meeting so that participants see all the information discussed for decision taking.

Contour Decision Center provides:
1. Presentation of a variety of reports of different types and detalization on a single screen.
2. Drill down and roll up, thus getting instant access to figures on any detail level, interactively managing displayed reports.
3. Drilling through a cell into another report - getting information on a region, item photo, etc.
4. Access to and displaying information from arbitrary external sources (relational databases, Excel workbooks, HTML pages, etc.), and simultaneously from several sources.
5. Fast preparation of materials for important meetings without involving programmers.
6. Building discussion scenarios consisting of screen sequences with different transitions from one screen to another.

Decision Center is based on Contour BI technologies and brings the following advantages:
1. Integration of a variety of reports: graphs, interactive tables, web-pages, maps, Microsoft Office documents, external programs, on a single screen.
2. Quick and easy visual panel setup without programming.
3. Builtin OLAP engine for data analysis providing functions to drill into data and aggregate it on arbitrary set of dimensions (analytics).
4. Integration of data from different sources (databases, data warehouses, Excel spreadsheets) on one screen.
5. Additional feature - Data Warehouse as the principal source of trusted and structured information for long time periods, acquired from different sources.

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