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SmartBear TestRecorder

TestRecorder is a set of runtime libraries to be distributed with your 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Once incorporated into your application, TestRecorder fully records end-user actions in the binary format. Later, the recorded data can be converted with TestComplete to a keyword test or easily readable script code in VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script or C#Script. These scripts tell you exactly what a user was doing during application execution X allowing you to accurately repeat the sequence of user actions via TestComplete or TestExecute.

Why You Need TestRecorder

Traditionally, when users are met with a problem, an unexpected behavior, or a bug, they submit a report to your technical support infrastructure. Each tech report might include the steps needed to reproduce. Often, the steps offered are insufficient to truly debug/understand the core of the problem. This in turn causes a string of communications with the end-user to fully comprehend what actually occurred X a highly inefficient and often ineffective way to address a given problem.

With TestRecorder, you no longer have to struggle with this arcane mode of communication X you no longer have to guess what the user was actually doing X and you no longer have to waste time and money on endless tech support inquiries. When you include TestRecorder in your application, all you need to request from the user is the auto-generated file. You can even have your application send the file to you automatically!

The files generated by TestRecorder are a complete record of all user actions, mouse clicks, keystrokes, plus more, performed within the application. Recording begins on a call from the application to the TestRecorder engine, and each action is returned to your application code, which can opt to send it to a script file, react to it, or simply discard it.

It is incredibly easy to incorporate TestRecorder in your current and future projects. It includes both ActiveX and VCL controls designed to provide easy control of the TestRecorder engine. To enable TestRecorder in your apps, you only need to set a few properties and create a function that will process recorded instructions.

TestRecorder includes two packages: TestRecorder x86 and TestRecorder x64. They provide the same functionality, but differ from each other by the type of supported applications:

The TestRecorder x86 package contains libraries that can be used with 32-bit Windows and .NET applications on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
The TestRecorder x64 package contains libraries that

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