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SmartBear AutomatedDocking Library

AutomatedDocking Library is an advanced and easy to use docking component library allowing you to create highly elegant and fully configurable User Interfaces. Engineered from the ground up to fully support VCL code, the AutomatedDocking Library can be used in Delphi and C++Builder. Version 1.1.1 and earlier also include support for Kylix. The package includes source code for AutomatedDocking Library and can be redistributed without any runtime royalties.

The AutomatedDocking Library can be re-distributed royalty free.

Here are just a few of the benefits at your fingertips once you begin using theAutomatedDocking Library:

- Docking windows can be displayed floating or docked in various configurations. As a result, your applications look and behave very much like the Delphi, Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio 2005 IDE.
- With AutomatedDocking Library ver. 1.5 and later you can easily implement a Visual Studio 2005-like user interface in your applications:
- Unlike traditional docking approach, all available dockable positions are indicated by docking zone selectors.
- The auto-hide feature is also supported.
- There are special buttons that display a list of docked panels.
- The docking concept is intuitive. It solves the problem of displaying a significant amount of data on one screen. Instead of an application with little or no customization ability for the users, you get an application with a really flexible user interface.
- Save Desktop and Load Desktop features: Save the docking control layouts to a binary or an XML file and load them at a later time.
- Extensive program control over docking operations: Each and every aspect of docking you can think of can be programmed exactly as you wish. For instance, you can disable docking of the desired control onto the main form's docking site as well as dock or undock controls from your code.
- Comprehensive style support. You can create your own styles that affect the look and feel of controls in your application. Users simply choose the desired style to apply its settings.
- Support of Windows XP Visual Styles. This enhancement of style support means that if users wish, they can apply settings of the current Windows XP visual style to the overall appearance of controls in your application.
- 100% native VCL and CLX components: No Win32 API functions or third party components are used in the AutomatedDocking Library. All you need is Delphi or Kylix (Kylix is supported by version 1.1.1 and earlier).

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