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SmartBear AQtrace

Detect and Report Errors Automatically

Modern applications become more and more complex and may include hundreds of various modules. So, reproducing a problem that occurs on an end-user・s computer and searching for its cause may take vast amounts of time. AQtrace is a ready-made error-reporting and resolution system that provides an easy way for development teams to monitor their application・s execution on an end-user・s workstation and automatically receive a full-detailed error report that helps find the cause of the problem quickly.

AQtrace is similar to the error-reporting system implemented by Windows. Most likely you・ve seen the error message boxes that are shown by the operating system when an application performs a critical operation. This message box informs users about the problem and suggests that the user sends an error report to Microsoft.

AQtrace works much in the same way. It monitors the application execution and if an exception occurs, it displays a notification window that informs the end-user about the problem and suggests that the user sends an error report to the application developer:

The user has to press the Send button to send the report.

The generated error reports contain detailed information about exceptions, call stacks, application・s threads and the software and hardware used by the customer, so you can quickly find the cause of the problem and fix it. Without AQtrace, developers have to use a trial-and-error approach to reproduce reported bugs which is time-consuming and inefficient.

AQtrace can catch any exception that occurs in Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++Builder or Intel C++ applications. It intercepts exceptions at low-level and handles them regardless of whether they occur within or outside of the try-catch block. So, you will know about any error that occurs in your application.

Below are some more benefits that AQtrace provides:

- AQtrace simplifies the error reporting process. It is much easier for end-users to press a button to send a report than to collect the information manually and write reproducing steps to the support team.
- AQtrace saves the time and energy needed to add the report generating functionality to your products and to implement the desired error reporting policy.
- AQtrace offers a well-organized automated approach to reporting and fixing bugs. This makes the business processes clearer, improves user confidence and gives your company an added edge over your competitors.
- AQtrace can automatically submit the received error reports to issue-tracking systems like Microsoft Visual Studio Team System or Bugzilla. So, with AQtrace, you can be sure that no bug is forgotten.
- The API is open, so you can easily create custom plug-ins that will support the issue-tracking system adopted by your organization.
- AQtrace automatically detects duplicated error reports. So, you don・t have to check and fix the same errors over and over again.
- AQtrace offers a lot of settings that you can use to specify the types of data to be included in the generated error reports. You can also include custom data like information about the internal subsystems and flags of your application.
- You can also use AQtrace as a watchdog to prevent the injection of certain modules into the address space of your application・s process.

And to make AQtrace work, you typically do not need to write a single line of code! You make all of the settings visually, in special wizards and dialogs. (You may need to write code though to perform some specific operations, like controlling AQtrace during the application execution).

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