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FarPoint Input Pro for Silverlight

You handle the Business Logic íV Let us handle the Data-Entry and Validation.
Data input and validation are an essential part of nearly every application. A set of highly dependable and flexible Silverlight input controls frees the developer from the tedious task of validating data and allows them to instead focus on the core business logic. Welcome to Input Pro for Silverlight, a suite of Silverlight controls designed specifically to logically and efficiently validate data input.

- Full support for .NET format strings and format providers. The date time controls support both Standard Date and Time Format Strings and Custom Date and Time Format Strings. The number controls support both Standard Numeric Format Strings and Custom Numeric Format Strings. DateTimeFormatInfo and NumberFormatInfo objects are also supported by the input controls.

- Internationalization and Localization support. By utilizing .NET parsing and formatting, the controls support built-in culture-awareness. The date time controls also include support for local calendar and timezones.

- Unlimited and customizable undo/redo. Every single edit operation is undoable. The length of the undo stack is unlimited (limited only by the machine memory) by default, but you can explicitly set a limit. Multiple undo units can be programmatically merged into one undo unit for easy change monitoring and archival.

- Customizable parsing and formatting. Extend the default parsing and formatting functionality of the input controls by handling event notifications in your application and adding your own parsing/formatting logic.

- Customizable key/command binding. The commands include both basic keyboard operations (caret movement, text selection etc.) and useful shortcuts (spin, clear, drop-down, etc.). A default binding key is specified for each command, but you can customize the behavior of the input controls in your application by setting the command binding keys to the keys you desire.

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