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Dynamic Web TWAIN

TWAIN Scanning ActiveX | TWAIN SDK | Scan SDK

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a true web scanning solution specifically optimized for web applications. It enables you to acquire images from any TWAIN compatible devices (scanners or cameras), edit the scanned images and upload them to file system or database on web servers.

Dynamic Web TWAIN performs web scanning in all mainstream browsers. Its ActiveX Edition is for Microsoft Internet Explorer, while the Plug-in Edition is for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

Dynamic Web TWAIN went through the rigorous evaluation of Lockheed Martin, and now is deployed on their 400+ servers, such as the United States Congress, and numerous state and local government organizations. Dynamic Web TWAIN customers span the globe from government departments, IT companies to industry giants, health care, insurance, banking and more, including:

Dynamic Web TWAIN has many features specifically designed for web scanning environment, such as, uploading & downloading images through FTP or HTTP(S) protocol, cookie & session integration, and downloading from HTTP stream.

With the carefully designed interface and the built-in wizard mode, Dynamic Web TWAIN is lightweight, easy to use yet very powerful. You can typically do your TWAIN scanning job in several lines of code. It is compatible with TWAIN specification V1.9 and has built-in TIFF, JPEG, PNG and PDF encoder and decoder.

With Dynamic Web TWAIN, you can control any scanner, digital camera or capture card if it has a TWAIN driver. High-level acquisition support is provided for ease of use, and low-level functionality is provided for flexibility and control in even the most demanding applications.

Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX edition can also be used in desktop applications. You can distribute non-web applications that use Dynamic Web TWAIN as a runtime component royalty free.

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