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Innoheim liteCam

What is liteCam?

liteCam records:
- Streaming ANY videos from sites like YouTube or Music Videos
- Web cams and Chat Conversations. Online/offline lecture. Web conference
- Flash and Quicktime Videos or any streaming or non-streaming video formats playing on any media players like Windows Media Player, anything on your computer screen
- Any PC games
- Your computer screen with mouse cursor. You can also write while you're recording with "Draw on Screen" Tool

liteCam converts to
- iPods, iPad and iPhones
- Android powered devices
- Other video capable mobile devices

liteCam Quick Features:
- Easy Easy Easy to use.
- Audio Wizard - Automatically detects your sound card for best recording.
- Recording Quality - You have the mirror image of the original movies
- Timer Recording and Quick Recording
- Various Recording modes: Custom Size, Window Frame, Full Screen and program

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Manufacturer: Innoheim
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