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RSSBus Server for Java

RSSBus for Java is a pure Java implementation of RSSBus Server for extreme portability across platforms. RSSBus for Java can be deployed to any compatible Java container.

RSSBus for Java facilitates the creation of Simple Services and service based Web Applications within any compatible Java container. RSSBus for Java includes the RSSBus Engine, a library of RSSBus Connectors, the Admin Console, and a set of Simple Service demo scripts.

The current release of RSSBus for Java includes a limited subset of the full functionality available in RSSBus Server . Specifically, the Java Edition currently includes only a small subset of RSSBus Connectors for accessing databases, remote application, and services. Additional RSSBus Connectors for Java will be available online in the near future and will be marked as Java compatible.

For a complete list of RSSBus Connectors available for RSSBus Server, please visit the Connector Gallery.

RSSBus for Java Will Help You:
- Connect to information sources with the library of pre-defined services
- Define new services and access data sources through RSSBus Connectors
- Create custom feeds, widgets, and services that are accessible through simple standards-based interfaces including: SOAP, REST, HTML, RSS, ATOM, JSON, XLS, and CSV
- Developers can enhance RSSBus for Java with additional data sources through the Extensible Connector architecture

Building and Deploying Custom RSSBus Connectors
Although RSSBus for Java comes with some pre-made Connectors, developers can build and deploy their own custom Connectors. To build an RSSBus Connector, you will need to implement the RSSBus.RSBOperation interface. You can find the interface definition in RSSBus.jar (rssbus-java-root/webapps/RSSBus/WEB-INF/lib).

To deploy an RSSBus Connector, simply drop the Connector .jar in the WEB-INF/lib directory. The new RSSBus Connector will be dynamically loaded upon the next execution request.

Please refer to the RSSBus Server User's Guide for more details.

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