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Astah Professional

Make your next project refreshingly simple with Astah Professional.

The next step in universal modeling, Astah Professional is an intuitive platform that creates highly-stimulating presentation tools that increases productivity and understanding through a wide variety of diagrams. Imagine clear, crisp illustrations of your project that translate the complexities of both your business and your software at a mere glance.

Astah Professional takes your project and briskly reimagines and reforms it into a variety of diagrams that can be flipped through at a click; Mind Maps, Flowcharts, ER diagrams, CRUD, Requirement Diagrams and more. Suddenly your project can be easily accessed from a myriad of perspectives, promoting a new level of understanding, and communication within your team.

Easily creating and editing these powerful diagrams is at the core of Astah Professional's design with features like free-hand "drawing", highlighting, alignment guides, and traceability maps. Additionally, Astah Professional focuses team development with functions that make it simple to merge files from team members, or to upload diagrams to web browsers. This allows each member of your team to communicate and present as effectively as the whole.

Astah Professional is comprehensive, one tool to translate all of your ideas. Download our free trial today and see the difference for yourself.

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