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Astah Share

Astah has created a new way for teams to communicate through persistent, interactive, server-hosted diagrams.

Directly from their web browser, members of the same or different teams can use the Astah Share Edition to interact in real time and communicate ideas with the unparalleled clarity that only our visually enriched approach can provide.

With the same attention to flexibility and creativity that our other products exemplify, Astah Share is built up from UML 2.x to include Mind Maps, ER and Data Flow Diagrams, Traceability Maps and other tools that will encourage creative thinking and effective communication, even across multi-platform teams.

Astah Share uses advanced functionality like Structure Trees and Comments Lists, and allows you to create permanent links between specific diagrams to keep team communication orderly. It also allows team members to be assigned to different roles within a project in order to direct the progress of specific team personnel and focus their creativity on specific tasks.

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