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AfterLogic MailSuite Pro for Windows

Easy-to-use mail server for Windows platform. Bundles full-featured AJAX webmail front-end called WebMail Pro and IMAP/POP/SMTP services called XMail Server

Designed for people
MailSuite Pro is intended to serve people, not e-mails. While many other products put the focus on a number of features, we aim to deliver the product which just can do what you want and look how you like.

With a clean and intuitive webmail interface, users can focus on working with mail, and every needed feature is right at hand. No hierarchical menus with many clicks to find an option, no unreasonably complex dialogs to get lost in.

The web administration module brings the same keypoint of usability to the management of users, domains and server settings

Mad about performance
For those who are number-oriented, performance is "processing million of e-mails in an hour". But who cares of numbers when it takes several seconds to load a message after you click it in the list? This must occur instantly - we call this user-oriented. And yes, Mail Server Pro is user-oriented.

Smart pre-loading and caching of messages make the webmail respond as quickly as desktop mail clients usually do, even on slower connections.

Mature in technology
Behind the scenes, XMail Server Pro is a standards-based mail server supporting SMTP/POP3/IMAP protocols, multiple domains, unlimited mailboxes, mailing lists, filters and other features the one would normally expect from a mail server.

Webmail front-end supports AJAX, folders, read/unread messages, rich-text editor, address book with auto-complete, calendar with shared events, preview pane, personal user settings and multiple e-mail accounts (mailboxes) per user.

E-mails are stored on the filesystem in Maildir format, user account information is kept in files and in the database (MS SQL Server and MySQL supported).

The mail server itself is written in C/C++. Webmail and web administration front-end is implemented for ASP.NET and PHP.

MailSuite Pro runs on many platforms including Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008.

Secure inside out
SSL/TLS connections, integration with anti-virus filters, IP-address-based spam filter, self-learning content-based spam filter - it's all there.

In addition, the administrator can set account quotas on per-user basis, restrict users from changing account settings, limit maximum size of files being attached, set permissions for relaying external and internal e-mails and otherwise fine-tune security policies of the mail server.

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