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NovaStor NovaBACKUP Central Management Console

NovaStor introduces the new Central Management Console. The Management Console features a modern, easy to use, web browser-based user interface which is designed to manage multiple installations of widely distributed NovaBACKUP clients (including NovaBACKUP Professional software) in a LAN or through the internet.


The remote management of NovaBACKUP clients is essentially working the same way as it is done using the NovaBACKUP user interface. A Dashboard provides the most important figures to get an immediate status of all connected NovaBACKUP installations and wizards help to create, delete, modify, and schedule backup-jobs. It・s possible to :drill down; into the file system of a single NovaBACKUP to select specific files and folders as well as selecting SQL, Exchange and VMware Virtual machines. Backup policies can be applied to a single NovaBACKUP client, or a group of them. This way it・s very easy to deploy policies to any number of NovaBACKUP clients. This is very useful if whole companies are managed which requires the same individual policies Reports like the total amount of failed backups or how many backup failures have occurred over a period of time for a specific NovaBACKUP client or group of NovaBACKUP・s is available. Log files generated on each of the connected NovaBACKUP・s can be fully viewed.

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Manufacturer: Novastor
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