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GrapeCity - PowerTools - ActiveReports COM

ActiveReports combines the power and ease of Microsoft Visual Basic with advanced ActiveX Designer component technology to provide the ultimate report designer for Visual Basic developers.

ActiveReports is fully integrated in the Visual Basic programming environment. It feels and works like VB with no more cryptic scripts or workarounds. ActiveReports provides a fully open architecture that lets you use VB code, ActiveX, and OLE Objects in your reports so you can handle the toughest of reports without limits.

ActiveReports includes a Report Wizard that steps you through creating simple reports without writing any code. The wizard is integrated into the Visual Basic environment as an add-in module.

ActiveReports is based on the Active Designer specification, which allows a component to be integrated into the hosting design environment, and allows it to make full use of the environment's services.

The designer is a fully compliant ActiveX control and object host. You can insert any control or OLE object, such as a graph or document, into your reports. OLE objects can be bound to BLOB fields in your database.

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