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Spread.NET is the award-winning, embedded Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet platform for .NET development. Spread.NET is the combination of Spread for Windows Forms and Spread for ASP.NET provided as a single, multi-platform toolkit.

Whether developing client applications, web sites, or web applications, the mission of Spread is to allow developers to embed complete spreadsheet functionality into applications to empower users - without requiring Microsoft Excel

Effective and productive user experiences are the result of providing familiar, logical, intuitive, and consistent interactions with data. Spread is designed with this in mind.

Excel is synonymous with data: data presentation, data entry, data analysis, data¡K Your users are familiar with Excel.

Through built-in support for Excel document import and export, Spread allows you to apply complete programmatic control of user interactions with data in Excel documents - allowing you to maintain business rules, security, and data integrity

Pioneering .NET Spreadsheet Component
Spread has introduced a number of technologies to Microsoft developers all over the world, including the first full-featured spreadsheet component for Visual Basic, with the first spreadsheet designer, followed by Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET versions, and an array of new Excel-compatibility features and advanced customizations.

Embedded, Programmable Microsoft Excel Platform
Import Microsoft Excel documents and preserve complete formatting. Interact with the data in Spread within your application, then export your spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel for portability and distribution to your external customers. Spread supports the current versions of Excel, and supports multiple Excel file formats, including Excel (2007-current xlsx), Excel 97 (xls), comma-delimited (csv), and text (txt).

Dashboard - Data Visualization
Allow your data to tell stories through the data visualization functionality provided in Spread. Use Sparklines to provide small, focused cell-level charts to provide more meaning to your data. Use Camera Shapes to bring together content from various locations within a spreadsheet, even on different sheets, into a dashboard. In Spread, the Camera shape object provides a live view of a range of cells, including any values, formatting, shapes, charts, or other content. If the range of cells is updated or modified through user interaction, or programmatic updates, the Camera shape immediately refreshes to include the changes. Ranges with different column widths and row heights can be arranged together in the same sheet without affecting one another to create a customized report or interactive dashboard. Additional data visualization is provided in Spread through: Chart Support, Conditional Format, Filtering, and Grouping. View Data Visualization Examples.

Integrated Spreadsheet Chart Control
Create full-featured 2D and 3D charts within your spreadsheets. Chart types include Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, XY, Bubble, Stock, XYZ, Doughnut, Radar, and Polar. You can add charts through code by using the comprehensive chart object model, or without writing code, at design time by accessing the Spread Designer and Chart Designer. Charts can be bound to external data sources, and you can allow end user make changes to the chart formatting at run time. The fully integrated support for charts in Spread features built-in design dialogs that you can make available in your applications to allow your end-users to create and modify charts in Spread - just as in Microsoft Excel. View Charts.

Extensive Customization Options
Spread is the most powerful spreadsheet component for .NET. Spread has an extensive and robust object model, and provides the ability for developers to customize many elements of the user interface and control behavior by extending built-in classes and assigning custom objects to Spread. Developers use Spread to embed advanced Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet features into their .NET applications ¡X features that would otherwise be considered impossible to achieve.

Integrated Design Time Support
Spread comes with an easy-to-use, intuitive spreadsheet designer that makes designing detailed spreadsheets and input or data display screens a snap without writing a single line of code. Whether designing new screens or editing existing screens, Spread Designer makes it easy using a Microsoft Excel-like, visual, drag-and-drop user interface. The built-in Chart Designer, and UI-type editors make it easy to design stunning charts and spreadsheet dashboards by providing nearly unlimited customization of your charts.

Flexible Data Binding Support
Spread can bind to any .NET Data Source, including support for displaying relational datasets. Run-time support for unbound rows and columns within bound data allows for inclusion of aggregation information, or for performing what-if scenario analysis. Spread also supports binding a range of cells to a data source, and for providing a range of cells as a data source.

Printing / PDF Support
Customize the printing of your spreadsheets with the wide range of printing options. Spread also support printing to a PDF (Portable Document Format) files. You can even take ultimate control of the printing in your code using the owner print drawing support.

Time-Tested by Developers Worldwide
Nearly 20 years ago, Spread became the first spreadsheet component for Visual Basic. Not only is Spread used by tens of thousands of developers, but Spread is one of the few components to be successfully localized, sold, and supported in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Rich Product and Public Knowledge Base
When you buy Spread, you are getting a market leader. You are getting thorough documentation. You are getting technical support and expert advice. You have the confidence of knowing that for nearly 20 years, over 100,000 developers have adopted and enriched Spread with their experience and skill, and have contributed to a global online knowledge base in the form of forum discussions, articles, and blogs.

Multiple Editions Available
Spread.NET is available in two editions. You can also purchase Spread.NET with Maintenance. This is the most cost-effective way to stay current with our latest technology. The Maintenance plan includes all major upgrades, updates and phone support for one year.

•Spread.NET (with or without Maintenance)
•Spread.NET Professional (with or without Maintenance)

The Professional Edition includes the following additional licensed components:

The best Windows Forms grid component for logically presenting data in templated layouts that you design.

•Stand-alone Chart
Create charts without the spreadsheet or any of its dependent assemblies, or move your charts outside the spreadsheet.

•Formula Provider
Leverage the power of the Spread Calculation Engine to perform calculations using controls in your application - outside of Spread. Access the Spread built-in functions, and Custom Function capabilities to create specialized and complex formula evaluations.

•Spread Designer Run-time license
Show the Spread Designer tool from your applications and let your users edit or create spreadsheets!

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