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GrapeCity - PowerTools - Spread for BizTalk

GrapeCity - PowerTools - Spread for BizTalk

Spread for BizTalk Server provides a complete solution for integrating Microsoft Excel documents seamlessly into your BizTalk applications

Spread for BizTalk Server includes

Spreadsheet Pipeline Disassembler - Parse data in your Microsoft Excel® (XLS and Excel 2007/2010 XML, CSV, TXT) documents into XML-data for easy processing through BizTalk Server receive pipelines.

Spreadsheet Pipeline Assembler - Assemble the data in your BizTalk applications into Excel (XLS or Excel 2007/2010 XML), or PDF documents for transport through BizTalk Server send pipelines.

Spread for BizTalk includes Visual Studio-integrated design time tools to assist BizTalk Developers and shorten the time-to-release for BizTalk Applications. These design time tools are the Spreadsheet Schema Wizard and the Spreadsheet Format Designer. The Spreadsheet Schema Wizard enables the developer to codelessly create custom schemas for use in the disassembler and assembler.

Schemas created by the Spreadsheet Schema Wizard are used by the pipeline disassembler to define the structure of the resulting XML data as it is parsed from incoming Excel streams. This same wizard is used to define the schemas that represent XML data streams to be assembled into Excel or PDF documents through the pipeline assembler. The Spreadsheet Format Designer is used by the developer to design the appearance of the resulting Excel or PDF documents to be created by the pipeline assembler.

A Simple Solution
The power of Spread is in its functionality, not in its complexity. Spread is a simple and elegant solution to a real business problem íV the integration and use of spreadsheet data in your business applications.

Spread for BizTalk provides:
•a codeless solution for the integration of Microsoft Excel data into your BizTalk applications

•a Visual Studio integrated design-time that includes the Spreadsheet Schema Wizard, and the Spreadsheet Format Designer

•automated parsing of Excel message streams (XLS, Excel 2007/2010 XML, CSV, TXT) into XML message stream

•automated document creation by assembling XML data in BizTalk applications into Excel (XLS, Excel 2007/2010 XML), or PDF documents

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Manufacturer: GrapeCity
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