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Infowise Smart Action Pro

Simply adding, updating or deleting any item or document can now execute mutiple custom actions, from updating list items or external databases to creating sites and managing permissions

Smart Action Pro allows you to perform actions previously only available in workflows. You can now define and run these actions using just your browser, no experience or tools required! Automating business processes has never been easier, using our tool you can accomplish tasks too advanced even for SharePoint Designer. Instead of writing code-based workflows or custom event receivers using Visual Studio, you accomplish what you need in minutes using just the browser.

- A wide selection of different types of actions, such as: Create list item - create new list items in any list of any site
- Update list item[s] - update multiple list items in any list of any site
- Delete list item[s] - delete multiple list item in any list of any site
- Copy item/document - copy current item or document to a different location
- Send e-mail incorporating list item values - send out emails using your own templates
- Create list from any template - create list of document library in any site
- Create site from any template - create a new subsite
- Run workflow on one or more items in any list or document library
- Run stored procedure in database of any type (MS-SQL, Oracle, OLE DB or ODBC) - pass parameters based on the current item's columns
- Run web service operation - pass parameters based on the current item's columns
- Manage permissions of sites, lists, folders and items - break or restore permission inheritance, add or remove users

- 00% browser-based SharePoint-integrated interface, no tools required
- No programming knowledge or experience required, completely rule-based
- Assign multiple different actions and run them according to conditions
- Optionally, let users decide what actions to run each time
- Optionally, allow users to run action by clicking on a column
- Use run-time parameters to make changes to dynamically created or selected site or lists
- Split actions into groups for building business processes with Smart List Pro
- Optionally allow user to perform actions with elevated permission level (such as managing permissions)
- Perform actions accoridng to different triggers: item added, updated or deleted
- See action history with a click of the mouse, get email notification when actions fail

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