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Infowise Smart List Mobile

Extends the power of Smart List Pro to your smartphone with mobile tabs, custom actions and customizable interface. Your mobile users will get the information they need in a concise and user-friendly manner

- Browser-based - no installation on mobile devices
- Create Mobile Tabs - subset of the complete item form tailor-made for your mobile users
- Mobile Tabs include only the fields your mobile users need, creating a simple and uncluttered interface
- Specify which fields to include in each Mobile Tab
- Create multiple mobile tabs and the most suitable is automatically selected based on conditions and user identity
- Create Actions - quick links for common tasks - and place them on the mobile homepage
- Customize look and feel by providing your own CSS file
- Smart List Mobile requires Smart List Pro v1.5.0 and up on SharePoint 2010, it does not work with Smart List Lite

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Manufacturer: Infowise
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