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Infowise Electronic Signature Field

Need to create a regulatory-approved system based on SharePoint? Must be compliant with FDA CFR part 11 regulations? Now you can! Make sure your users sign what they submit. Unless the data is changed, the signature clearly demonstrates its validity.

- Works with any number of columns in a list/document library
- Requires entry of user name and password
- Optional signature pad integration enables hand-written signatures
- Checks user identity on data entry, does not rely on the identity of the currently logged on user. This allows you to work in kiosk mode, e.g. on manufacturing floors
- Visual notification of valid/invalid signature
- Real-time validation of signatures
- Sign both list properties and document content
- Encrypted hash value of signed column values at the moment of signing to prevent any tempering
- Signature includes user name, time of signing and item version
- Localized into English, German, French and Spanish

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Manufacturer: Infowise
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