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Infowise Event Calendar Plus

Just imagine classifying event types by color and even attaching tasks to events? And what about quarterly view or even the whole year? Now you can do all that with Event Calendar Plus!

- Connects to multiple heterogeneous data sources, including SharePoint lists, Exchange calendars and custom databases
- Connects to any SharePoint list type
- Eight different view types are supported, including a Compact View, especially designed for crowded homepages
- Data source, event category or status can be indicated by color
- Category color can fill the entire event or show up as just an icon
- Events can be filtered to show only events belonging to a specific data source and/or category
- Events can be filtered by SharePoint view
- New events can be created directly in any data source
- Private and public Exchange calendar can be shown
- Custom event title patterns can be defined
- Additional fields can be shown on mouse-over
- .NET 3.5 AJAX supported
- Associated tasks can be shown graphically and managed directly from the calendar

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Manufacturer: Infowise
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