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z/Scope Terminal Emulator

z/Scope is Cybele Software¡¦s multi-host, multi-protocol, multi-session Terminal Emulation for AS/400, IBM Mainframes and Unix servers access. It works both as a stand-alone and/or a web-based application.
Take a look on the essencial attributes that make z/Scope an unique tool.

- Supports extended TN3270 protocol.
- The protocols TN3270E, SSL 2/3 and TLS 1 are also supported.

- Supports extended TN5250 protocol.
- The protocols TN5250E, SSL 2/3 and TLS 1 are also supported.

- Emulation for VT100/VT220/VT320/VT420/SSH1/SSH2 Telnet Servers protocols.
- Gives also full support for Kermit, X-Modem, Y-Modem and X-Modem file transfer protocols.

- Full multi-session FTP client integrated into the tabbed interface.
- Enhanced FTP support for AS/400 IFS and not IFS.

- Display and printer emulations through standard 3270 and 5250 protocols.
- Open IBM 3812/3287 printer sessions, redirecting them to your local or network printer.
- Print-to-file and preview modes.

- There are editions for stand-alone and a Web Browser-embedded application.
- Run Web-to-Host from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.

- Integrated tabbed multi-session terminal emulation, using multiple connection types simultaneously.

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Manufacturer: Cybele Software
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